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Ask an Engineering Manager

Real answers to questions about work and life in software development.

Are you just starting your first software development job? Or working towards that next step in your career, and wondering how to work more effectively with your boss and teammates? Just wondering if software engineering is for you, and how to get into the industry? Or managing developers, and wondering how?

We take your questions, and provide real-world answers.

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Sep 20, 2021

How important are foreign languages for a career in software development?

There are really two kinds of foreign languages: English - and everything else. We talk about why that is, what matters about being able communicate in a foreign languages, and some good ways to learn.


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Sep 5, 2021

I assume the questions is supposed to mean "What does an engineering manager actually do?" But to start with, lets answer the question literally: If you've wanted to know what an example of a work week looks like for me, here's your chance to find out. 

Then we go deeper into what determines the parts of the job of an...